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Executive assistants are the backbone of a smoothly-running business, thanks to the vital role they play in supporting high-level executive and ensuring seamless operations.

Sticky Notes' executive assistance are the ultimate multitaskers, juggling multiple responsibilities with grace and precision. Whether you need assistance with drafting important documents, managing a busy workload or maintaining effective company communications, our remove executive assistance support is here to take a load off your shoulders so you can focus instead core business activities.

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Our Executive Assistance Support provides:


Inbox Management


One of our virtual assistants in Richmond will meticulously organise your emails to your preferences (Or recommend a system they think would be appropriate), ensuring that important emails are prioritised and that no important communication goes unnoticed or unanswered.

Diary Management


We can take the hassle out of scheduling while streamlining your calendar, making sure that all your appointments, meetings and events are seamlessly coordinated.


Creating itineraries, agendas and minutes

We can create detailed plans and agendas to make sure that the objectives of a given event or meeting are communicated and met.

Preparation of communications  

Sticky Notes can take care of company-wide communications on your behalf, ranging from announcements and leadership communications to end of year financial announcement and weekly newsletters.


Formatting documents

Setting up individual business communications or paperwork to a specified format and with correct spelling and grammar. This can be crucial for both a smooth day-to-day running of business operations and potentially client retention.


Our virtual assistants in Richmond have a wealth of experience in proofreading, cross-referencing and checking for plagiarism, ensuring your business documentation is polished and ready for publication.


Data entry

We offer reliable and efficient data entry to help your business streamline your data management processes. Whether it's customer information, transcripts, databases or converting data, we ensure that your data is entered promptly, accurately and securely.


Whether you need market research, competitor analysis or an insight into industry trends, Sticky Notes are here to support you.



Submission of Expenses


Tracking and addressing business and personal spending can be an arduous process. Our virtual assistants in Richmond can streamline your day-to-day operations by examining, organising and submitting your business's expenses.


Invoice Submission, Monitoring and Follow-Up

We provide effective invoice management services that helps your business maintain cashflow, improve your financial transparency and strengthen your business relationships.








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