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Welcome to Sticky Notes.

Whether you run a thriving small business, a growing medium business or your own solo venture, Sticky Notes can lend a hand by providing you with the very best hand-picked virtual assistants in Richmond and the wider UK, putting time back in your calendar whilst taking the strain off your shoulders.

Our founder's 20+ years of executive assistance, personal assistance and project management experience lends us to both an exceptionally high standard for the virtual assistants we employ, along with a unique perspective when it comes to carefully selecting the ideal resource for each client.




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Time is money – Invest in one of our virtual assistants to make your working life that much easier.

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Our Visual Assistant Support

Sticky Notes is built around 3 service pillars, which can be adapted to suit your industry, your team or you as an individual.




Our services allow you to work smarter, not harder.

For enhanced productivity and seamless task management, choose Sticky Notes.

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Packages for every budget

With our clients being as diverse as they are, Sticky Notes provides 4 different tiers of virtual assistance support to suit each need, goal and budget.


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Ideal for solopreneurs or anyone in need of some administrative support. 20 hours per month, or approximately 1 hour per day.

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Ideal for agencies or similar small companies who need some experienced hands. 70 hours per month, or approximately 3.5 hours per day.


an icon for the Elite Package offered by Sticky Notes Company


Ideal for larger companies or high net worth individuals with exceptionally busy schedules. 140 hours per month, or approximately 7 hours per day.

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Ideal for projects or programs working to meet a deadline. Flexible assistance and cover, subject to a fixed contract.


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We handle the small stuff so you can focus on what matters most.

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Why choose Sticky Notes as your virtual assistance in Richmond and the
rest of the UK?



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24/7 Availability

Although we are virtual assistants in Richmond, we appreciate that the world of business never sleeps, nor does it revolve around GMT. Our virtual assistants are available around the clock, 7 days a week, covering all time zones, giving you truly global coverage.

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Prestigious Staffing

Our virtual assistants in Richmond and the rest of the UK come from a variety of professional and personal backgrounds. We recognise each unique perspective and professional outlook, providing you with the best experience for your needs. 

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Flexible Coverage

Each package we provide includes a full scope of professional and administrative assistant services that leaves no stone unturned. Sickness and holiday cover is similarly built into each package, ensuring there are no hidden costs.










Bring stability to your business today

Our virtual assistants in Richmond and the rest of the UK are here to empower your business, reclaim your time and streamline your operations. Book a consultation with one of the team to find out how we can help here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 0207 459 4034 or email us at

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