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Your business will benefit from the bespoke attention of one of our experienced virtual assistants in Richmond and the rest of the UK, who are available 24/7 to accommodate your time zone and are matched to your business needs based on their experience and expertise.

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What packages can we offer?

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Essential Tier

£700 per month

  • 20 hours per month (Equivalent to approximately 1 hour per day).
  • Ideal for professionals, entrepreneurs or smaller businesses who are time-poor and are struggling to meet their administrative commitments.
  • A flexible ‘pay as you go' package that can be upgraded to our Premium Tier service should you need the extra time. 


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Premium Tier

£2,450 per month

  • 70 hours per month (equivalent to approximately 3.5 hours per day).
  • Ideal for executives, startups and smaller businesses who need an experienced virtual assistant to handle admin overflow and put hours back in their calendar.
  • The equivalent of a part-time employee – without the sick pay, annual leave, training and onboarding.


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Elite Tier

£4,900 per month

  • 140 hours per month (equivalent to approximately 7 hours per day).
  • Ideal for established businesses with a large amount of administrative work every month or HNWIs in need of a dedicated virtual assistant. 
  • The services of one of our experienced, flexible and multi-disciplined virtual assistants in Richmond on a full-time commitment.


Each one of these packages includes a full complement of personal and administrative assistant services.

Find out more about each one of the Sticky Notes pillars and key services here.

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Tailored Packages

If you need our services for a short period of time, or require some dedicated help to assist with a single task or project, Sticky Notes' tailored packages are for you.

We are able to negotiate fixed-term rolling contracts, allowing you to bulk purchase our virtual assistant services in a single monthly package tailored specifically to your needs.

Book a consultation with us to discuss your options here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a professional who provides administrative, technical or similar support to clients remotely. These services can range from conducting research to diary management to making travel arrangements.

Do Sticky Notes just cover the UK?

Our virtual assistants can work 24/7, meaning they can just as easily work to overseas time zones as they can UK time. This means that despite being established as virtual assistants in Richmond and the wider UK, we are active in the global market.

How will I communicate with my virtual assistant?

This depends on you and/or your business’s preferences. Our virtual assistants generally work through email, phone and video conferencing. This will be discussed with you during our consultation process to ensure we work in the best way for you.

Can a virtual assistant work on a short-term or project-based assignment?

Yes – Our tailored packages are designed to handle such tasks, allowing you to bulk purchase our services for a given amount of time.



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What are the benefits of a virtual assistant versus a company employee?

  • Hiring a virtual assistant can be more cost-effective compared to hiring a full-time employee, as you do not have to provide office space, equipment, benefits, training or paid time-off.
  • Our packages offer flexibility in terms of working hours and availability, permitting you to scale up or down as necessary. This is particularly essential for businesses with seasonable or fluctuating workloads.
  • Our virtual assistants are experienced, offering you high-quality services without the need for hiring or providing training.
  • Our virtual assistants can help increase productivity by taking care of time-consuming administrative tasks, allowing you and your team to focus on core business activities.

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How can I tell if I need a virtual assistant?


There are a number of warning signs that indicate you may need a virtual assistant to put hours back in your day. These include:

  • Feeling overworked or overwhelmed by your excessive workload.
  • Your business life is encroaching on your personal life.
  • You find yourself spending a significant amount of time on routine administrative tasks.
  • You're struggling to manage your schedule, appointments and deadlines.

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If you have any questions about our services or want to discuss a tailored package, please let us know via 0207 459 4034 or email us at hello@stickynotescompany.com.

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